Toys for Energetic Kids

Parents buy different toys for a host of different reasons. Toys to help kids go to sleep, toys to offer security, toys to keep kids distracted or quiet. And importantly, toys to wear out overly-energetic kids.

Any parent will know that almost any child with a lot of energy can be – you could say – rather difficult to handle. Children can build up lots of pent up energy and it is important that it is let out in the right way. Otherwise you may end up needing earplugs, or worse you may end up with lots of broken household items!

So that’s where toys for energetic kids can be so important. Introduced at the right time they can be tacitly used to wear out enthusiastic kids just in time for bed.

Running, stomping, pushing, pulling or lifting. We’ve got all the toy ideas to help energetic kids let go of their excess energy.


We all know that young kiddies love stomping their feet, usually in the middle of a supermarket. Stomping is the direct result of frustration and stomping feet is an outlet, so how about a toy that actually encourages a child to stomp their feet, hard?

Well look no further as the Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow kit may be the perfect choice. The air propelled rocket kit has been one of the most popular toys for young kids for the last few years and it is no wonder since the toy is designed to be stomped!

The Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow kit features an air propelled rocket kit with foot pad. Connect the rocket platform to the foot pad and stomp the pad as hard as you can! The air generated by the stomp propels the foam rocket into the air, often as high as 50 feet! The harder you stomp the further the rocket goes! No batteries or electrical hookup required!

The kit comes with 4 glow in the dark rockets meaning it is also great for night time (or lights off) play. Soft foam rockets make it suitable for indoor play too. Perfect for kids from 3 upwards.

Garden Playset Exercise?

If you’re looking for a more permanent fixture for the garden then you can’t go far wrong with a child’s adventure playset. These garden toys are great to encourage kids to run, climb, slide and jump and can be used to inspire a whole host of new imaginative adventures that can have kids running about with wild excitement as if you bought the playset yesterday!

If your garden can handle such an addition, playsets are a top choice for energetic kids and different sets can be aimed at both younger and older children. Not only will this help energetic kids blow off steam but will also encourage healthy active play and will also promote physical development.

So if you’re looking for a child’s first playset then you should be looking in the direction of the Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse which is aimed at children from around 18months to 3 years making it the perfect choice for toddlers.

The Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse is designed with imagination in mind and features a slide, easy to climb steps and sturdy lookout platform equipped with periscope. Kids will love to run, climb and slide on the playset and will quickly use up that excess energy as they play out any number of imaginative adventures.

If you’re looking for a larger adventure playset then the Step2 Adventure Lodge Playset will certainly meet your requirements. This massive set includes a slide, two stories of hiding places, two swings, 1 glider swing, a rope ladder and even a basketball set making this a sure favourite with kids.

Perfect for families with multiple children, the Adventure Lodge Playset is great for sibling fun or great for kid’s parties. The playset has received fantastic online reviews and should keep kids entertained until the age of around 8.

Bounce Around?

If you’re looking for something a little smaller than a playset then another back garden alternative is the classic and timeless Space Hopper – those big bouncy balls which you hold on to and bounce up and down the yard with!

The benefits of Space Hoppers are plentiful. Energetic kids will love them because they are perfect for letting off steam since lots of energy is required to get the bouncing going. Space Hoppers are great from an exercise point of view – they develop a variety of muscles including legs, arms and back, as well as develop a child’s spatial awareness and stability.

Space Hoppers (or Hoppity Balls) are also great for kids with sensory processing disorders. Space Hoppers can come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for children from 3 upwards.

Alternatively if a space hopper doesn’t do the job then you can also try out the equally timeless pogo stick which have been experiencing somewhat of a comeback recently. Pogo sticks, like space hoppers, are great for releasing excess energy as well as developing a child physical and helping them with their hand-eye coordination, stability and balance.

Pogo sticks can be very exciting and operating them takes up plenty of energy. They are a great way to perform cardiovascular exercise as well, so they can also be used to shed unwanted weight or improve your health and stamina.

Pogo sticks can also be great for time trials or racing. You can get the kids doing laps around the garden trying to beat previous lap times, or siblings can race each other up and down the backyard.

Addtionally a child’s pogo stick will develop a variety of muscles including arms, legs and back. Of course we always recommend including suitable protective gear when using a pogo stick and always avoid busy roads.

Obstacle Course?

Energetic kids love creating their own obstacles courses in the garden and racing around them as fast as they can. Often they’ll use things they find in the garden as props, such as plant pots, trees and garden ornaments. However you can make their obstacles courses lots more fun by adding different obstacles such as foam geometric shapes for youngsters to crawl through.

These shapes can make any obstacle course more fun as they can be combined with other obstacles such as playsets, slides and other garden toys to create exciting and engaging obstacles courses. Kids will love to race each other around and around until they run out of energy! Even the adults can have a try if they’re willing!

Of course the benefits of obstacles courses are great. Kids will use up plenty of energy running around the courses and will always be looking to create different, more exciting courses. Plus they will be learning the benefits of a healthy lifestyle which they can continue in later life which will help them avoid many child-to-adult problems such as obesity and heart related diseases.

From One Step Ahead, these geometric shapes are easily assembled and are perfect for kids from 3 years upwards.

Hope these ideas helped you for some ideas to help those energetic kids blow off some steam and give you some peace and quiet! Let us know how you get on.

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