The Best Educational Toys

Educational toys have become all the rage these days. They are sure to be a holiday hit this year, and here is a list of some of the best educational, entertaining toys of the year. The VTech Whiz Kid Learning System is one of the best learning toys for kids aged 3-7. The touch screen interacts with the stylus for hours of fun and play, and there are about 120 activities and games included which are sure to keep kids happy. The Smart Cycle is a stationary bike for preschoolers that plugs directly into your TV.

Software called Learning Adventure is included and more software is available for purchase separately. In “Driving” mode, your child can pedal through various environments while picking up informational tidbits along the way. The “Learning Arcade Games” are games in which kids can learn about letters, numbers, shapes, etc. The “Big Race” option is a fast-paced race against a friend or other vehicles on the TV screen. Brain Quest DVD Games offer a series of electronic educational questions with answer choices, all easy for a child to understand and follow along. Piano Made Easy is a well-designed and interesting tool to teach children musical skills and develop an interest in music, using the Mayron Cole Piano Method that is used by schools and teachers all over the country. The Hooked on Phonics Get Ready to Read Activity System is an electronic learning system based on the Hooked on Phonics concept. Activities include identifying alphabets, matching letters, rhyming, shapes, colors, and more, all geared toward kids 4 and up. LeapFrog’s Clickstart My First Computer is the latest TV learning system designed for kids 3-6. It has a fair-sized keyboard, large colorful keys, and a mouse, providing a good way to introduce kids to electronic learning systems at an early age.

The Hot Wheels Accelerator Laptop is a masculine version of a kiddie laptop with over 60 bilingual activities in math, spelling, logic, cognitive skills, and sequencing.

Peek A Boo Stuff is a sealed pouch with a transparent window, filled with letters and little white beads. The object is to find the letters from A to Z by trying to uncover them from under and between the beads—a perfect way to keep a toddler busy while stimulating his/her intellect.

Rubik’s Revolution, although not much like the original Rubik’s Cube, is a challenging and stimulating game of speed and patterns. The basic principle of the 6 games is how fast you can click the buttons, and in the right order. Automoblox are a series of wooden cars made up of interlocking pieces that can be taken apart and interlinked with pieces from other Automoblox cars. These “puzzle cars” offer a creative challenge, as well as stimulating a child’s mind.

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