Keeping Baby Occupied

New mothers are often at a loss for understanding how to keep a baby occupied while they conduct every day tasks. Mothers must learn how to balance simple tasks such as taking a shower, using the bathroom, paying the bills, talking on the phone, and cleaning the house while a baby is awake and ready to play, but these activities are nearly impossible unless you have the right toys to occupy baby’s time. Of course, babies should never be left completely unattended, but the follow list of toys will allow you to watch your baby while they remain intrigued (at least for twenty minutes or so).

Graco Travel Bouncer: this “baby bouncer” is easy to transport, it has a vibrating seat, and it comes with a musical option that plays classical or natural music. This traveling seat is great while you are attempting to shop, stroll around town, or simply heading out to do a few errands.

Redkite Baby Go Round Walker: this walker includes a comfortable padded seat, many different electronic toy options, a colorful activity try, and even a removable try that can be used to feed your baby. This walker is a great option for those that want to do things around the house while baby is at play.

Redkite Baby’s First Seat: if you happen to attend a lot of events, this seat will be perfect for your child. The Redkite seat is filled with fun activities, and it will allow you to inflate and deflate it as the need arises. Your baby can play with mirrors, fabrics, squeaking buttons, and many other fun things.

These three items are just perfect for the new, active, mother that still wants to get up and go while baby is in tow. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get all your tasks done with these toys that make learning and playing lots of fun.

Keeping Your Toddler Occupied

Keeping a toddler occupied without your constant attention is more difficult than you think. Hand eye coordination and speech education are some of the most important parts in a young toddler’s life. Imagination is also ignored so often. Let your toddler tell you what they want.

Some of the best choices out there are plastic toys. The reason these toys are so beneficial for children are that they last longer and the child has a less likelihood to injure themselves. One of the problems with painted wooden toys is that after wear and tear the toy is old, the child could get splinters and eat the paint. Educational toys are a must in a growing toddler’s life. The new things like hand control entertainment toys and video remote controls for kids help with the hand eye coordination. Parents today plop their child in front the television to easily and they do not look fully at what the child is watching. Properly choosing the program for a toddler is so important. It can mean the difference between speaking sooner or not. When parents really need some time to do the work around the home or whatever they need to look at other things then just television. One of the most common things that are left out is the imagination. You can leave a child in a room with some toys for 20 minutes and when you come back that child can have an entire world going on outside the home. Let the child think and play and use their imagination.

Biggest thing in a child’s life is that they need to learn and they look at you for all of it. Hand eye coordination is so important so you need to let them use toys or games that will help in this area. Television is now use to much for education and that is a good thing for those single parents but don’t abuse it. Most important is to let the child use their imagination and thrive in life. Let them be who they want to be.

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