Inexpensive Activities for Children

Are you searching for a gift that is unique, personal, and exactly fits in to a hands-on activity? There are many toys that fit this category, including fancy doll houses, wagons and toy trucks for boys, a child’s first tricycle or bicycle, etc. But jigsaw puzzles are fascinating in their own way and lots of fun to solve.

Enter Dad’s workshop! Find or buy a piece of thin plywood. Search through family photos, or pictures of what your child likes to do outdoors, for example. You might even want to photograph your family pet. You will have wonderful ideas of your own for this project. Paste the picture, or pictures if you are making more than one puzzle, onto the plywood. Be sure you have a little border because you’re going to varnish both sides of the puzzle and let it dry. This will insure that the picture stays on the wood surface! Then take the plywood and cut it into pieces for the puzzle. What fun!

A variation on this theme could be an activity for a little girl. Get some plain cloth from a fabric shop that can be made into a dish towel. Sew a little hem around whatever size the towel(s) will be. Get some thread and a needle and draw little x’es where you want your child to sew. One idea is sewing on seven towels, one for each day of the week. Use different colored thread. This is fun and inexpensive.

Imagine the look on your child’s face when the gift(s) are opened! For starters, no one else will have a gift quite like it. The puzzle itself will be fun to put together. The sewing project will teach a very useful skill that will last a lifetime. They don’t cost a lot and encourage constructive activity.

Great Electronic Toys

This season, it’s a toy world out there, and you can find some great electronic toys throughout the nation right now. There are so many different toys to choose from, it is almost difficult to narrow it down to just a few, but some toys have really cornered the market and these toys are sure to please children of all ages.

The toy that really caught the eye of toy experts and kids everywhere this season is the Disney Fix Video Camera. This camera is probably best for children that are older, but if you have a budding film director in your area, this camera will encourage any talent. Disney has equipped this video camera with Disney’s Magic Director Software, which will allow your child to plug any video into a computer, edit, delete, and reframe anything to their heart’s content. At $99 dollars, the Disney Fix Video Camera is a real steal.

Do you have a real Barbie girl in your family? Well, the Barbie Girls dolls are about to make a giant splash this holiday season. The Barbie Girls collection is really a combination of an MP3 player and a Barbie all rolled into one. Your little girl will be able to dress up these dolls, accessorize them, and connect them to your PC in order to create a custom Barbie personality.

Lastly, if you want to keep your children occupied for quite awhile, purchase “Jakks Pacific’s Eye-Clops,” which is a sort of magnifying glass and television tool all in one. The Eye-Clops is designed to magnify anything on your television screen up to 200 times its normal size – which is something that kids just love to do. Imagine the possibilities when you turn on the discovery channel and hand your child the Eye-Clops – the things that your child will be able to investigate are endless. Choosing any one of these three top electronic toys is sure to make your child happy all year long, and you may be able to get a bit of work done in the meantime.

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