Best Tummy Time Toys

“Tummy Time” – the time where a baby is placed on their tummy as opposed to being placed on their back or propped up in a seat – is an important part of every baby’s development process. Tummy time allows a baby to physically develop their head and neck control, their arms, back, torso and legs. Eventually tummy time will lead to a baby learning how to squirm and crawl, which of course eventually leads to being able to push themselves into the standing position and finally then learning to walk.

Additionally when placed on the tummy a baby can play and interact with their toys which in turn help a baby develop their fine motor control as well.

For this reason toys that encourage babies to enjoy their tummy time are as essential buy, so we discuss some of the best tummy time toys available and discuss how they can benefit a baby in other areas as well.

Play Mats

One of the best ways to encourage babies onto the tummies is through interactive play mats designed specifically for that purpose. Such mats are cushioned play areas that can feature sounds, sights and textures designed to engage and entertain baby.

The Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Play Mat, Jumbo is a jumbo sized play mat with plenty of features to keep babies occupied during tummy time. The mat features a fun peek-a-boo elephant ear with crinkle, a mirror, fish teether and frog with clackers.

Babies will love the appealing characters and art on the mat and placing them in front of one of the mat’s features will keep them distracted. And when the time comes the baby will be encouraged to move from one toy to the next as they become inspired to crawl!


One of the most appealing things a baby just loves to look at is a human face. And baby isn’t picky either, they’ll love the sight of their own face in the reflection of a mirror just as much as anyone else! So baby safe mirrors are a fantastic way of keeping a baby entertained and distracted during tummy time.

Not only that but mirrors are great for a baby’s development in several key areas. Not only does it keep them entertained during their physical “tummy time” development time but learning to focus on their reflection at varying distances will greatly increase their vision. Additionally several activities, such as pointing to various facial features and pulling faces can show baby what the face can do which is great for social development as well. Eventually baby will learn that the face in the mirror is of themselves which is a great way of showing a baby who is who.

A baby safe mirror can also be easily used in conjunction with a play mat.

Rolling Toys

Toys that baby can roll and eventually chase are great ways to keep them occupied during tummy time. Something as simple as rolling a ball towards or near baby can keep them entertained and distracted as well as help a baby improve their visual senses as they keep track of the moving ball as it rolls either away, nearer or across their line of sight.

Activity Centers

Activity toys designed specifically for tummy time are another great way to keep babies entertained. Such toys are designed to be appealing and exciting for baby with plenty of features and exciting aspects to baby does not grow bored.

The Infantino Play Time Activity Center is a 4 sided activity toy where each colourful side contains a different toy or feature designed specifically to attract baby’s attention and to keep them engaged and occupied during tummy time, as well as developing baby. One side contains baby safe mirror so baby can see their own reflection, which improves visual and social development. One side has peak and see leaves, one side has a put-and-take bird’s nest and finally the other side has a water pouch fish tank design.

As soon as baby appears to grow tired of one side simply spin the activity toy around for renewed fun!

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