7 Important Safety Tips for all those ‘Trick or Treaters’

Trick or treating is as popular as ever, with millions of kids from across the world preparing themselves for this fun annual tradition on evening!

However it is worth remembering that it’s not only witches, vampires and ghouls on the loose Halloween night – there are plenty of Earthly dangers out there as well.

So we list some important safety tips that all ‘trick or treaters’ should be following on All Hallows Eve to ensure that everyone gets home safe to enjoy their candy and sweets!

Never trick or treat alone!

An important tip is to make sure kids don’t go trick or treating alone. Not only is it more fun as a group, but if something happens, like an accident, then it’s important there are people to help. Lots of accidents are more likely to occur in the dark so you need to make sure there is always someone on hand to help if something goes wrong.

Younger kids should always be occupied by a trusted adult.

Be visible!

Whether it’s flashlights, reflective tape, glow sticks or high-vis clothing, you need to ensure you’re visible especially if you’re walking along roads. Get creative and incorporate lighting in the costume itself – but remember to avoid candles and open flames.

Walk, don’t Run!

It may be really exciting to get from one house to the other, but don’t rush! Accidents happen when kids run, and accidents can cut the trick or treating short. Remember, it’s not a race! Also remember to be careful crossing the street.

Set out a designated area

If a parent isn’t tagging along, make sure your kids understand where they can and cannot go, and when they’re straying too far from home. You can draw a map, or take them out before Halloween and show them where is okay and where is out of bounds.

Whether you set out designated houses to knock on should depend on your local community. If possible, plan out a route in advance, showing which houses are okay to visit and which are not.

Follow stranger danger tips

Don’t accept lifts from strangers, don’t talk to strangers on the street and don’t go into strangers houses. Avoid dark houses or houses that look empty and stick to houses that are displaying Halloween décor.

Don’t walk with your masks on!

If a mask obstructs a child’s view of their surroundings, make sure they only wear it when they’re at the door of a house, and to take it off when they’re moving to a different location.

Check the trick or treat goodies

At the end of the night, go through your child’s treats and look for anything suspicious. This could be sweets that look like they’ve already been opened or in different packaging.

Remember to follow these tips for a safe Halloween experience. And remember, have fun. After all, it only happens once a year!

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