3 Annoyingly Addictive Toys for Christmas

Nothing makes for a better Christmas gift than a toy that is so addictive that you cannot put it down! Often the most addictive games can have the simplest premise making them evergreen, timeless classics. We take a look at 3 such toys that will have any kid or adult addicted within minutes!

Perplexus Maze Game

Ideal for anyone from around 6 years upwards the Perplexus Maze is an incredibly challenging cyclical maze that involves the user rotating this toy labyrinth with the seemingly unassuming aim of getting a small marble from the start to the finish.

But be aware, whilst the Perplexus is easy to play, it’s incredibly hard to master the various barriers and obstacles that lay in wait. Once (or if) you become proficient enough to finish the maze you’ll immediately want to better your time, but so will your friends and family!

The Perplexus maze comes with 3 different puzzles to master and you’ll quickly realise why this spherical challenge is one of the most addictive toys to date and one of the bestselling toys this year. Perfect family fun and one that will surely be one of the highlights for your Christmas Day!


Quarto is an absolutely fantastic and addictive board game that will have two players pitting their wit and intelligence against each other in order to triumph.

The objective is simple – don’t let your opponent make a row of 4 pieces that share a common attribute (colour, size, shape or whether the piece has a hole). The game works by the first player choosing a piece for the second player to place on the board. Once the second player places the piece they are given it is then their turn to choose a piece for the first player to place on the board, and so on.

But watch out, if you give the other player a piece that will allow them to make a row of 4 pieces that share an attribute (and they realise!) then the game is over and you lose!

The incredibly simple rules and objective mean the game is incredibly addictive from the onset. Quarto is extremely simple to learn, but incredibly hard to master! Anyone from the age of 6 can play and success will initially depend on how quickly you pick up the tactics! Once you pick up the rules you can add another dimension by introducing a time limit per move.

In our opinion, one of the best board games out there with great user reviews and one that will certainly not disappoint! Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Red

There is nothing that boys like more than remote control vehicles and the Syma range of R/C helicopters are some of the best-selling vehicles of the year. Simple to learn and master these robust and affordable helicopters will certainly be hard to put down as you begin to master more and more delicate and impressive moves.

The copter is small and lightweight, and equipped with latest Gyroscope technology. You’ll immediately be impressed with how fast and responsive the helicopter is and soon learn that anyone of any age can have plenty of fun with this timeless classic. Have races, time trials, complete tasks or advanced manoeuvres or add another dimension to your challenges with another vehicle!

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