Month: March 2017

Safe Wooden Toys

What will you buy your children this holiday season? With all the toy scares that have been happening lately, it is hard to imagine finding any sort of toy that is not contaminated in some way. But, if you think back to those years when you were a child, you may remember many wooden toys that were more than fun for kids of all ages.

There are many different wooden toys on the market including train sets, blocks, building toys, wooden dolls, puppets, and wooden toys that roll on the ground. The only real difference between wooden toys and plastic toys is that wooden toys will certainly last longer, and while wooden toys may be more expensive at first, they will be around a lot longer than any sort of plastic toy. The following toys companies specialized in wooden toys made within the United States, and all of these toys are toddler safe.

ImagiPLAY : most of these wooden toys are made in Wisconsin, though some of the toys on the site are made in other countries, so you’ll have to check.

K’Nex : all of these toys are made in the U.S.A (though some motors and other components are made in China), and this site has lots of toys for every child.

Taurus Toy Co: the wooden toys on this site are made in Biddeford, Maine, and they are perfect toys for the little builder in your family.

Zome Tool: another great site for children, Zome tools are made in Denver, Colorado, and these toys are all about the construction kid.

The great news is that you can still buy safe toys for your child, and wooden toys are fun for the whole family. This season, you do not have to resort to books and DVDs in order to keep your child occupied, turn to toys made within the nation and make everyone happy.